Protecting your Privacy

Check on Me has a strong emphasis on privacy. As such several measures are built in to Check on Me that warrant transparency and protection to its users:

  • lo4me_settings_privacyEvery phone can be configured using specific settings to temporary/permanently allow/disallow selected or all tracking functionality (completely pause any tracking, disallow for specific member, pause alert rule).
  • Before a member can track another member, the tracked member must grant the tracking member permission to do so.
  • Such permissions can easily be revoked or paused by the tracked member.
  • When a phone is tracked, there is an audible alert (configurable by the tracked user) plus a visual alert (Check on Me icon) in the status bar.
  • Check on Me lists all track requests together with the date/time and who issued the request. The entries on the tracked phone can only be deleted by the user of the tracked phone.
  • For selective privacy, a user can easily pause his/her trackability using the settings menu.
  • A member can choose to be hidden in the directory of members. This means that this member cannot be found / invited by a foreign member.

The Check on Me server collects/stores only minimal data that is essential to operate the service. The data collected is the following:

  • The account information of you and your registered family members (used for authentication, alerting and backup purposes)
  • Any friends that you have invited to join your Check on Me network together with the permissions that you granted these members and the permissions these members granted to you (used for alerting and backup purposes)
  • Any alert rules that you currently have configured (used for alerting and backup purposes).
  • Any payment transaction data (only Google Play payment system transaction data, which does not contain sensitive information such as your credit card number). This information is kept for accounting purposes and dispute resolution.
  • All tracks of the last 30 days. Tracks older than 30 days are automatically removed from the system (used for alerting and backup purposes).

The term ‘backup purposes’ above relates to the ability to restore theĀ Check on Me data on your device in case you accidentally removed theĀ Check on Me application from the device.

We do not disclose any personal information to 3rd parties except on request to legal authorities as required by law.

For more information please consult our Privacy Policy.